There are certain foods that instantly come to mind when thinking about Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone has their favorites, but traditionally Thanksgiving means turkey, stuffing, sweet potato's and cranberries.

It wasn't until I was 20 years old that I heard the phrase "green bean casserole" uttered for the first time and, not coincidentally, that was when my loathing of the dish came into existence. What sides you serve with Thanksgiving dinner comes down to tradition, for the most part, and what you grew up with. Along with integrating families.

When you get into a relationship, get married, etc., now you have to start incorporating your husband's/wife's favorites. Maybe even their families favorites, because of course there's going to be (more than) a few dinners with the entire family.

All of that makes sense. One thing that doesn't make any sense whatsoever, to me, is the "pie debate." How can there be a debate? How do you call it Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie? Apparently, I'm in the minority because more people than not said they'd rather have apple pie at Thanksgiving, than any other - 5 in 10. 4 in 10 chose pumpkin pie, then there are the pecan pie people, 2 in 10.

Where do you fall on the "Great Pie Debate"? What kind of pie do you expect to have at Thanksgiving dinner this year?

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