The middle of August is usually the time of year that people start look forward to the fall. You know, foliage, pumpkin spice, Halloween and events like The Great Pumpkin Farm on Main Street in Clarence.

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According to their website and Facebook page, The Great Pumpkin Farm is still planning on opening this fall. From September 12th to October 31st.

There's still doubt on what restrictions or capacity limits would be in place when they do open, but considering those are in place at virtually everywhere, chances are The Great Pumpkin Farm will have them too.

It's also unclear what the activities would look like. They include a corn maze, hay maze, rides, and more.

According to their most recent Facebook post, they will be having all new online ticketing.

I'm sure there would be restrictions in place but people are looking for hope and even in a limited capacity, this would be some of the best news of the year.

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