'I Miss You,' the second single from country newcomers the Henningsens, starts off open for interpretation, before revealing itself as a longing-for-lost-love song. The ballad rests on Clara Henningsen's vocal performance.

Little sister is able to conjure up feelings of heartbreak (she is recently married, after all), but her vulnerability is just short of heartbreaking. Missing is some unique interpretation that lets fans knows she's not just singing this song -- she's living it.

"I miss the simple conversations / I miss the silences in between / I miss the clatter in the kitchen / It always seemed to help me sleep / But most of all, I miss you," the family trio (including father Brian and brother Aaron) sing to begin the song.

Sharp lyrics fill in many of the painful details, and by the third verse, it's clear she's hurting for an ex-lover. Prior to that, one could assume she may be missing a friend or relative who has passed or somehow exited her life. "I miss being wrapped up in you baby / Instead of always wrapped up in myself," Henningsen sings.

"I know I drew a line in the sand that I can't cross back over / I know baby you'll be fine / But if you don't mind I'll never recover / Never recover."

It's a beautiful, flowing melody that doesn't rely on a cheap hook to grab listeners. The harmonies pour out easily -- as one would expect from three singers who've been together since forever. One wonders if given a chance to re-record 'I Miss You' today, the same stiffness would be audible. Either way, it shouldn't hold the track back from finding some room on iPods and radio playlists.

3.5 Stars

Listen to the Henningsens, 'I Miss You'

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