As we get ready for what could be the largest Presidential Election in the history of the United States, there is one flag flying high in New York State that will make you proud to be an American.

This years election is already getting intense as the Republican side is fighting to see who will be their candidate. Will it be Donald Trump? Or will another candidate emerge before the summer that will have enough votes to be the contender against current President and democrat candidate, Joe Biden? The world will be watching very closely over the next 9 plus months.

But regardless of who you vote for and regardless of your political position,there is one symbol that unites all of us. A symbol that brave men and women have fought and died for; the American flag. If you have driven the New York State Thruway near Syracuse, you may have seen this American flag that is just mammoth! It is so big, it looks like it could cover and entire football stadium.

The Largest Flag In New York State

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

We were driving home from a trip to the Adirondacks on a perfectly clear day and saw this flag from more than a mile out. It flies high above the RV store along the NYS Thruway near exit 39.

The 2024 Presidential Election will take place in November and you still have time to register to vote. Like any election, YOU have the power to make a change. And just like any election, those who complain the most, often vote the least. If you want your voice to be heard, VOTE.

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