When you think of toothpaste, you think about brushing your teeth, the taste, how much you put on your tooth brush, etc...etc.  You'd never think toothpaste could come in handy outside of the bathroom, did ya?  Well, it can!  Yep, toothpaste can be used for more than just cleansing those pearly whites!  Here are a few alternative uses for your toothpaste.

-If you have a baby who feeds from a bottle, you can clean the bottles by scrubbing the inside with a brush with toothpaste on it.  It will remove the smell of stale milk.

- This one only works with non- gel toothpaste......You can shine chrome with it!  Ha, how about that!  There are fine abrasives within the toothpaste that will polish the chrome perfectly.  Make sure you wipe down with a soft cloth.

-Again, this one is only true with non- gel toothpaste.  You can erase crayon markings on your walls with it.  Oh man, parents will love this one.  Just apply the toothpaste to a fairly soft scrub brush or tooth brush, then scrub til the crayon marks are gone.

- Here's one for the handy guy.  You can use toothpaste to patch up holes in walls.  All you need is your putty knife, or heck, you can use a plastic knife or butter knife.  Then you fill the hole and sand to make smooth.

-A dab of toothpaste on a bug bite or skin irritation will help alleviate the itchy feeling!  It also works on cooling burns!

-Toothpaste can remove that annoying zit! (Pimple for those who are over 70)  Just apply before bed, then wipe off in morning.

-Toothpaste can be useful in removing carpet stains.  Just make sure you aren't using toothpaste with bleach/whitening.  It may change the color of your carpet.


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