Talk about an inspiration.

Next time you think you can't, think of 11 year old Emily. Emily Keicher is an 11 year old from Lancaster who has Spina Bifida, has signed up to tackle the 48.6 miles Puzzle Challenge this summer. Emily first participated in the Buffalo Marathon in 2012 in the kids race. She participated every year through 2018 when she aged out of the event. In 2019 she finished the last ½ mile of the 5k with her mom Liz. For 2020 she plans to keep moving and earn her challenge medal, finishing the 48.6 miles on her own.

She sometimes needs a push, but usually uses her forearm crutches to run the races!

If you want to participate in the Buffalo Marathon Challenge, you have to run a full marathon, half, a 10k and a 5k. But, don't worry you can run however much you want a day. Maybe you only want to run one mile a day? That's fine. Check out all the details here to get your Buffalo Marathon Medal!

Buffalo Marahon
Buffalo Marahon

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