Unfortunately, the Buffalo Marathon had to be cancelled this year, but organizers have come up with a new way to challenge runners in Western New York.

Just like businesses, many races and fundraisers have had to change the way they do things this year because of the pandemic.  The 50 Yard Finish that the Buffalo Bills have always done was changed to a virtual race this year.  And the Buffalo Marathon is offering people a chance to do something they've probably never done before.

The challenge involves runners completing a full marathon, a half marathon, a 10k and a 5k all before August 9th.

Wait...don't go anywhere yet!!

It sounds intimidating, but hear me out.  It won't all have to be done all at once.  They're calling it the 2020 Buffalo Marathon Summer Puzzle Challenge.  They're giving people the chance to earn puzzle pieces to a full medal.  Each race that is completed will earn a new piece to the puzzle medal.  And here's the best part, you don't have to complete an entire race each day.  They simply want you to run a total of 48.6 miles (the total amount of miles you would have to complete to run all four races - 26.2 for the full, 13.1 for the half, 6.2 for the 10k, and 3.1 for the 5k) before August 9th.

So if you wanted to run a mile a day, it would take you 48.6 days to complete.  You tally your runs and enter it online.  For every race you complete, you get a piece of this very unique and one of a kind medal.

It's a really cool idea.  Want to sign up?  Do it here today and get running!

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