You know how when there is a rainbow in Western New York, especially a good one, you see it all over instagram within seconds? This morning when you went to work it was probably pouring outside and in very Buffalo fashion the weather changes, in what seems, in seconds. As the rain cleared and the sky opened up to the sun the rainbows were all over the place, but this one that was sent to us might just be a perfect one.

Erin is an 8th grade middle school teacher in Alden and she took these photos and sent them in as it happened over the football field.

Erin from Alden (TSM)
Erin from Alden (TSM)

The weekend will be off to a rocky start, but it will look nice for Saturday and Sunday if you want to take the kids out to do some apple picking or other Fall activities. (Remember, the Buffalo Bills game is a later start and will not begin until 4:25 pm because they are out West taking on the Raiders). You mat have to make reservations at some locations for Fall activities, including Becker Farms and you can get all of the details here.

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Top 10 Bills QB for career passing yards.