So ladies, what do you think the most searched-for fashion brand is?  Is it Ralph Lauren, Kate Spade or Vera Wang??  Nope, think again. The most searched name is Michael Kors, which makes up nearly 20 percent of total brand searches.

The "Digital Luxury Group" conducted a study to see which fashion brand got the most world wide web hits, and Michael Kors topped the list.  Marc Jacobs ran a close second, followed by Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein.

#5- Vera Wang

#6- Tory Burch

#7- Kate Spade

#8- Diane von Furstenberg

#9- Betsy Johnson

#10- Tom Ford

Within the study, it was found that most of the searches (36 percent) were for purses/handbags.  Clothing came in second, followed by wallets, shoes and sunglasses.


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