I don’t know about you but for me, when the weather finally gets nice in Buffalo, I want to get everything done all at once.  It’s like major over stimulation.

I want to do this and this and THIS!  It's like an attention deficit disaster.  Here’s how bad it was for me yesterday.

The weather was incredible to be outside.  So I thought it was a great day to get a jump on cleaning the garage.  I headed out as early as I could.  I didn’t even eat breakfast.  And it started…

While organizing the garage, I found a few extension cords that belong in the barn.  So I took them over to the barn.

While putting the extension cords in the barn, I realized that the work bench was still a mess from the last time I used it.  I had the time, I should organize that.

While organizing the work bench, I came across a bag of grass seed.  It was a good day to get that in the ground.   So I grabbed my rake and the bag of seed and headed out to an empty spot in the lawn where we had a pine tree taken down.  As I was raking up the dirt there, I realized that I hadn’t raked out the flower beds last fall.  I should do that.

While I’m raking out the flower beds (and the grass seed is still sitting in the lawn) I think to myself that I should take all the old weeds behind the house and dump them.  Oh…but there’s that pumpkin still sitting in the basement that still needs to be buried back there too.  I better get that.

While I’m in the basement, I find the coolers that need to be put in the garage.

While putting the coolers in the garage, I can’t help but think…wasn’t I doing something out here?

Good luck getting your to-do list all set as the nice weather is upon us.

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