It was the most fun a Bills fan could ask for in a season finale. They dominated the Miami Dolphins, 56-26, and clinched the second seed in the AFC playoffs, while Miami missed the playoffs with the loss.

If you're a fan of the hit TV show 'The Office,' then surely you know about the CEO of the fictional company Dunder Mifflin, David Wallace.

Wallace makes many appearances in the show's nine-year run, and is played by Actor Andy Buckley.

One of the most memorable episodes was when Wallace and Dunder Mifflin let the Scranton branch manager (Michael Scott, portrayed by Steve Carell) that they would be closing the Buffalo branch...yes, Buffalo had a Dunder Mifflin paper company branch on 'The Office.'

Turns out, actor Andy Buckley was watching the Bills against the Miami Dolphins and tweeted that he (as Dunder Mifflin CEO) would be reopening the Buffalo branch!

If you missed it, just a few weeks ago Rainn Wilson (who portrayed Dwight Schrute) tweeted about Josh Allen and the Bills.

Any time you get stars of one of the biggest TV shows of our generation tweeting praise for the Bills, it's a good time to be a Bills fan.

How the turntables.

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