You've probably seen the video from over the weekend of Rob Ryan and Rex Ryan getting into fight at a Nashville bar. The video is very clear and show the brothers throwing down with another guy. From the video you can't see what happened before the fight but we were able to talk with the person who was there when it happened!

The video provided above from Jessica, who is from Buffalo, was taken by her boyfriend Frank Washburn who happened to be right there when the fight broke out. She was actually getting ready to go up and tap him on the shoulder when everything went down.

"I was just about to go over and tap Rex Ryan on the shoulder when all of the sudden this kid like came up to them and threw a drink in Rex's face!"


So obviously this guy had it coming to him. Why would you go up to ANYBODY and throw a drink in face? From what Jessica said it looked like Rex tried to handle it with class, but brother Rob wasn't having it! So now you know what really happened in Nashville before the fight the Rob and Rex were involved in.



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