It's hard to believe it's been nearly three months since the Sabres last hit the ice (March 9th). Then the pandemic unfolded.

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Last week, the NHL and NHLPA (player's association) agreed upon a 24-team playoff format to begin later this summer, that left the Sabres one win away from making it (based on point percentage), according to The Buffalo News.

That means the current season wouldn't conclude until sometime this fall and the following season wouldn't get underway until the end of the year...that means 9-10 months of no Sabres games.

The Sabres will have a lot to consider during the off-season, including pending free agents, adding more scoring and who will be the team's number one goalie.

Having a 10-month layoff is brutal -- there's no way around it. It's going to be tough for Sabres players and the other few teams left out of the 24-team playoff.

Should be a very interesting and certainly LONG off-season for Buffalo...

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