When you say you're from Buffalo, it doesn't take long before chicken wings are mentioned. First might be snow or the Bills. After that, it's absolutely the wings.

Chicken wings are a dish that is now cherished across North America. They used to be just an appetizer but have become a main course which people will pay pricey amounts for, just because they feel like wings are worth it.

Here in Western New York, wings are the number one dish. You can truly find good wings at dozens and dozens of locations across Buffalo and the suburbs. There are, however, a few restaurants and bars that stand above the rest for the best wings in Buffalo.

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There are some fantastic choices, such as Mammoser's, Kelly's Korner, Amherst Pizza & Ale House, Gabriel's Gate, Duffs and Anchor Bar.

Some of the best wings in Western New York are at locations you would never think to visit. That's not knocking the locations themselves, that's just pointing out that sometimes you have to go off-the-beaten path to find the best wings in Western New York.

When it comes to the best wings in Buffalo, there are four places that always get mentioned first by locals. They are elite because of all the aspects that go into phenomenal wings: size, sauciness, sauce taste/heat and crispiness.

You have to have the perfect crispiness on a wing. You can't overdue it and dry it out, but there's nothing worse than an undercooked chicken wing. These places don't do that.

Here's the "Mount Rushmore" of chicken wings in Western New York.

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