We had a chance to speak with the lead singer of one of the most popular and successful groups in country music on Clay and Company. Gary Levox and his signature, pure voice, has been a part of Rascal Flatts since it's beginning in 1999 and is getting ready to release his own, solo, country album project this fall. But what was the reason behind the trio taking a new path and focusing on individual careers?

With new clothing line, a new Gospel album and trying to keep up as a busy dad, Gary Levox has been staying busy. But, in true Rascal Flatts style, the group is getting ready to "pause" their run together with a number one hit on country radio.

Is there a fear that the guys will lose touch? Levox told WYRK that...

"it's tough, you know, we haven't talked much during this time off. We are all just kind of doing our own thing. I don't think we will completely lose touch, but for 20 years we have talked everyday about plans and music and stuff and for all that to just be gone, and not talk about plans, has been weird. It's like, we what do we talk about? It's been weird.


Big thank you to Gary for his time and we wish him the best of success on the solo mission!

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