If you have taken a stroll, or even just drove down Main Street in East Aurora recently, you probably noticed all these mysterious red hearts in windows, in flower bushes and near sidewalks.

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But what do they mean and how did they get there?

Apparently, nobody knows for sure who put them there, but according to WKBW, Don Vidler said he was told it was done by an anonymous person who bought all these hearts on her own and soon businesses were asked to display these hearts, even popping up in homes.

“He told me that it was basically just a way of expressing care for everybody in the area," a sales associate at Primia Oliva added. "There was no message behind it, not even a donation or anything. Just, 'put this heart in the window,’" she said.

With how 2020 has gone, this is a great idea and it's so cool that this person did this on her own and did it anonymously. It's spreading across East Aurora and maybe soon across Western New York.

You might be able to buy them for your home.

“I think they’re gonna start selling them, and part of the proceeds are going towards charity, which is terrific,” Vidler said.

How cool is that? Spreading the love.

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