Now, this is some news I couldn't believe.

When you think of Halloween, you picture trick-or-treating, ghosts, goblins and full moons, right? Well, it hasn't happened in quite some time, but that will end on Saturday.

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According to WIVB, there will be a full moon on Halloween night for the first time since 1944.

You need to appreciate this Halloween full moon too, since the next one won't be happening until 2039. That means there would be just two full moons on Halloween over a 94 year span.

This full moon is also called a "blue moon," but it won't actually appear blue. The term refers to the second full moon of a month, which hasn't happened in over two years.

The good news for us here in Western New York is the weather should be clear skies on Halloween night, so it will be perfect viewing weather to see the full moon!

If you plan on going out trick-out-treating this year, make sure to look up as often as possible and maybe you'll even hear a wolf howling? Okay, maybe you won't hear that...

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