If you don't know what a "cereal bar" is, well, it's exactly like it sounds...a restaurant full of cereal!

Rochester's first full-service cereal bar opened to the public on Sunday, according to WIVB.

Morgan’s Cereal Bar is the name of the cereal-centered eatery and owner Cheria Anderson got the idea after seeing them in both London and New York City. She wanted to bring this concept to her hometown of Rochester.

If you love cereal (and who doesn't?), they have everything. Hot and cold cereals, toppings, many breakfast food items and interesting sounding cereal dishes like cereal waffles and cereal milkshakes!!

Morgan's Cereal Bar is located at 320 East Avenue in Rochester. It's a bit of a drive but this sounds amazing.

Would you want one of these here in Buffalo?

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