Summer time means school is done and children are encouraged to get outside, explore, and play!...But are the toys your kids playing with safe? A new list has come out that informs parents of ten toys they should avoid buying their children this summer.

WIVB had the story on some toys that many parents may not realize are actually ruled to be "unsafe". The list was put together by a Boston-based consumer watchdog group known as W.A.T.C.H, an acronym that stands for World Against Toys Causing Harm. According to the group,

" ...more than 2.5 million American children are injured each summer... many of those accidents are preventable."


Some toys that made the list this year include lawn darts, backyard water slides, baby pools and water balloon slingshots. I don't know about you, but all of the toys mentioned above made my summer growing up!

I remember laying down garbage bags, tarps and wetting them down with water and green apple liquid soap to make a slip and slide. I'm pretty sure the one's you can buy in store are a lot safer...but boy did I stay clean and smell good with my homemade slide!

Check out the full list of 10 questionable toys here! Make sure you have a fun and safe summer!


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