There is a renewed effort to keep some portions of New York State safer and it may impact some of the electronic devices that you have. A beefed up effort to ban certain batteries has emerged and leaders in New York City are on a mission.

There have been numerous reports of fires and small explosions involving certain lithium battery powered devices that have caused major damage, injury and, in some cases, fatal injuries. The Mayor of New York City is asking for help to prevent these fires and incidents from happening again here in the state and possibly nationwide.

There have been multiple fires sparked by dangerous batteries.

The FDNY and the Adams administration are ramping up efforts to put an end to fires caused by lithium-ion batteries. Fire Commissioner Laura Kavanaugh says they're calling on Congress to pass a ban on uncertified lithium-ion batteries from entering the country.

According to recent reports, the Mayor has reached out to other officials for assistance. Mayor Adams and the FDNY are ramping up efforts to put an end to fires caused by lithium-ion batteries.

In a post on X (Twitter) the FDNY notes that:

At the public safety briefing at City Hall Friday, Laura Kavanagh outlined the FDNY’s efforts preventing lithium-ion battery fires. Besides enforcement and education, Commissioner Kavanagh recently went to D.C. to advocate for a ban on unregulated lithium-ion batteries.

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