Sports Illustrated Kids just came out with their "BFF Edition" and two of the Buffalo Bills are gracing the cover.

They're the "Bromance" that so many guys wish they had.  It's a connection that seems like it was made in heaven.

Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs.

It's like it was meant to be with the two of them.  We were able to pick Diggs up before the season last year and it was shortly after that when the Bills really started to see major improvement.  When most of the world was locked down, Allen and Diggs would play online video games.  Diggs even admits that that is where their relationship started to bud.  He said that Allen would never leave him in the game.  It was a small gesture, but one that stuck with Diggs.

Of course, in 2020, they were able to break a ton of records that had been on the books at One Bills Drive since the days of Jim Kelly and Andre Reed.  Suddenly it seemed like we were seeing a connection that we had been missing.

Now, they're getting some national attention for their special relationship.

Sports Illustrated Kids has just come out with what they call their "BFF Edition." If you don't immediately know what BFF stands for, it's Best Friends Forever.  The two are on the cover with Josh Allen holding Diggs on his back and both smiling from ear to ear while looking at the camera.

By the way....the comments are everything in that tweet.  You gotta check them out.

And who would be a better duo to highlight than these two?  Now, the only thing people here in Buffalo are wondering is "How do I get this in the size of a poster or on a T-shirt?"

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