When you talk about a dream home, it usually is in a secluded place. For me, it would be in the country with many acres of land to roam around in and enough space between the next closest home so that you don't have to worry about noise and distractions.

For many homes, however, they are in a tight neighborhood and even super nice homes find it hard for privacy.

This home in Clarence is not that at all. It's literally tucked away in the woods for the privacy many people crave.

Listed on Zillow for just under $1.2 million, this gorgeous home on Goodrich Rd. in Clarence is tucked away on the west side of the Spaulding Lake neighborhood, and even though it's hidden away, don't let that fool you about the inside.

It has four bedrooms and five bathrooms with over 5,000-square-feet in space. The kitchen is absolutely beautiful with a gigantic island with wooden floors and a ton of space to do cooking.

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The living room features a fireplace and high windows that stretch to the ceiling.

The back features a patio and a hot tub. It also has a firepit, so you can have some late-night fires and backyard parties with no worries of disturbing any neighbors.

Check out some photos, courtesy of Zillow.

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