Every year, you see neighbors that really go over-the-top in terms of Halloween and Christmas yard displays -- sometimes including the entire house and/or property in the decorations.

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This one home in East Aurora definitely qualifies for over-the-top and I'm sure a lot of people are happy that's the case...because this Halloween display is simply incredible.

The home is on Oakwood Ave. in East Aurora, off S. Grove.

The main attraction is a giant (and I do mean "giant") spider that slinks down the yard from the house on a huge web.

If you're afraid of spiders, well then, this is probably just what the doctor ordered! All in the spirit of Halloween, of course.

One of my favorite memories is my family driving around and searching out awesome Christmas displays, and I think the same can be applied for Halloween. I remember some pretty awesome displays in my neighborhood growing up and I really do appreciate those who take it to the next level with holiday yard displays.

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