Ask any local and they'll tell you.

If you've ever been down this Western New York road, you may have had some stories to tell when you leave. Some myths including, 'the man with the lantern', or the 'strange animal' of Delaware Road off of Goodrich in Clarence Center, New York. Once you park your car at the entrance and hit the pavement who knows what people have seen. Ever been there before? According to Samantha Gill from

you happen to catch a glimpse of the old man who haunts the road with his lantern late at night. Some people have even witnessed the old man walking with the ghost of a little girl, and I think we can all agree that kid ghosts are the creepiest! Many people have given accounts of seeing an odd blend of an animal, which can be best described as a cross between a dog and a horse, pacing back and forth in the road. Listen close to hear howls through the woods and beware: some have even been growled at by this odd species!"




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