Father's Day is coming up this weekend and if you are still struggling to find your Buffalo Bills loving dad a gift look no further.

Check out this video that was posted on Twitter this week. It shows off a beer cooler that is painted with the Bills logo. But this is no ordinary beer cool. This one is remote-controlled and brings the beer to you!

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Imagine your Dad sitting in his man cave, watching the Bills on 3rd down, the train horn blaring and all of a sudden his looks in his hand, and his beer is empty!

What does he do? Which option do you think Dad would want?

Option #1 - Does he quickly run out and grab a beer from the fridge taking a chance on missing the play

Option #2 - Does he settle for a dry mouth waiting on the play and hopes that something big doesn't happen because you can't cheers with an empty bottle.

Option #3 Does he simply grab the remote control and bring the beer cooler right to him in the man cave and he watches the Bills make the play.

I think we all can agree that Dad would want option #3. And now that can happen!

Check out this mobile beer cool video that was posted on Twitter.

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