When I was a kid, I used to drive everywhere with my dad. It didn’t matter where we were going — I had to ride with him. Running errands, going out to  eat, we went a ton of places in Western New York.

My favorite drives with my dad, however, where to Six Flags Darien Lake. The first year we got season passes was 2001 and I was only 10 at the time, but we would drive every weekend to Darien if we could.

So many memories for me driving down that stretch of the 90 from Williamsville to the Pembroke exit, but it was a few miles from Pembroke that was my favorite drive as a kid. You knew it was getting closer.

Now that I’m older, it means Darien Lake concerts are that much closer. Even though I’m an adult now, the butterfly feeling of getting closer to Darien Lake never goes away. I know I’m not alone — many Buffalonians have such fond memories of driving down the 90 to Darien Lake.

Most of the thruway I can do without. It’s not much to look at and I’ve been on those long drives to Cleveland...it gets pretty boring, other than when you pass by Cleveland or get to Cedar Point. But it’s the memories you have of Darien Lake that make that stretch of the 90 a euphoric drive.

Speaking of Six Flags Darien Lake, they’re open again, after being closed last year because of the pandemic. Can’t wait for those drives there in 2021.

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