You wouldn't think BBQ first when asked about Buffalo foods. Maybe wings, beef on weck or sponge candy will come to your mind first. But, between Fat Bobs, BW's, One-Eyed Jack's Smokehouse Grill, Dinosaur BBQ or Suzy-Q's Barbecue Shack, we may just rank up there--at least in New York State. 

Insider, who ranks restaurants all over the United States, ranked Buffalo as having the best BBQ among New York State. The hidden gem? This little place in Lovejoy they ranked as the top contender called, La Verdad.

La Verdad

1132 East Lovejoy Street., Buffalo


LaVerdad Facebook

The best compliment ever? On Yelp,

What a lucky find! I just had the best ribs, the best chicken, the best brisket, and the best barbecue beans of my life! Everything is prepared from scratch and made with pride. I had no idea what I was in for when I walked in the door. It's owned by a husband and wife team. I was greeted warmly by Vivian who came out from the kitchen to welcome us. Her smile was just infectious. The portions were huge and flavorful beyond description," wrote Yelp user George F.

Ready for your mouth to water? Take a look at this. When was the last time you were here? I think it may be time to make a night and order, what is no dubbed the BEST bbq in New York State.

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