This is one of the sweetest bars in Western New York and the concept is unlike anywhere else in the Buffalo area. You can try as many beers as you want, AT ANY AMOUNT, no matter how big or small the pour is, because, pour the drinks. Plus, there are no bartenders.

The Pour Tap Room in Buffalo is a sweet, new bar that has officially ready for your to pour your own beer as they celebrated their grand opening this past weekend. It is located on Pearl Street in the old Cabaret restaurant on Pearl Street (right next to 500 Pearl/Patrick's Rooftop Bar).

PourTap Room

490 Pearl Street, Buffalo

As soon as you walk in you either get a bracelet or a lanyard with a QR code on the back that is attached to your credit card and you can try all of the different beers from your Lets Go Pils to your Double IPA, to ciders to wines all on tap!

Does the Pour Tap Room have food as well? 

Yes, and the food is actually great. You take a menu when you first walk in and you use a marker and circle what you want and then the server will come around and bring it to you.

Is it expensive? 

You pay a different amount for each drink, per ounce. You may think you spend a lot, but in reality you probably will try so many drinks, but only a small amount so, I bet your bill is much smaller than you think when you are done!

Take a glimpse inside of what it looks like inside Tap Room!

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