What makes a movie a Christmas classic?  Is it the script?  Is it the music?  You get it all in this local parody from The Kless Boys.

I can't remember the last time I saw someone have so much fun with a video as these guys appear to be having.

Watch as The Kless Boys tell a real Christmas story where they accidentally injure Santa Claus and have to create their own sleigh and deliver all the toys on their own.

They parody just about every song from the movie Grease including, "Sandy", "Grease Lightning", and "Hand Jive."  And they even give you the words at the bottom of the screen in case you want to sing along!

It was goofy.  It was silly.  And it was awesome.

They included just about everything that a good Christmas classic needs.  There's fun, there's music, there's family...

Huge props to everyone at The Kless Boys in Yorkshire.  You nailed it.



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