For years, you've heard the phrase "America's Team" with the Dallas Cowboys but tides of change seem to be taking place and perhaps the Bills are becoming one of the most popular teams in America. After all, Buffalonians are scattered throughout the country, it's a great underdog story and hey, they're good now!

The Bills are one of four teams remaining in the NFL playoffs, with the Kansas City Chiefs, Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The AFC and NFC Championship games will take place this Sunday.

According to CBS Sports HQ, a study was done based on Twitter data and hashtags, and it showed that the Bills are the team most want to win it all this year.

22 states are rooting for the Bills, including a few surprises perhaps (Texas, Nevada, California and Hawaii come to mind).

The Chiefs and Bucs are tied for second with 10. I think it's hilarious that New England is rooting for Tom Brady to win one, since the Patriots just had their worst season in 20 years. Are people in New England wearing number 12 Buccaneers jerseys?

I'm on social media a lot and it does seem like many neutral fans are rooting for the Bills to finally win their first Super Bowl.

Go Bills!

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