Jason Pominville is one of the most beloved Sabres players of the last 20 years.

He started his NHL career in Buffalo back in 2005 and spent a total of 10 seasons with the Sabres from 2005-2013 and 2017-2019. He spent five seasons with the Minnesota Wild as well.

Of course, Pominville is best remembered for scoring the series-clinching overtime goal against the Ottawa Senators in round two of the 2006 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs -- the "scary good" team. Pominville went on to be one of the Sabres key forwards for the next several seasons and is widely regarded as one of the players' Sabres fans loved the most on those "post-lockout" teams.

Pominville will now be leaving Buffalo for his native Quebec. According to WGRZ, he has taken a job as an associate coach for a Quebec youth hockey team. I'm sure many Sabres fans would love for him to come back here someday but it's great to see Pominville getting into coaching.

Pominville has sold his Clarence home, located on Glenview Drive for $900,000 back in 2020.

Here are some photos, courtesy of Zillow.

Jason Pominville Selling Home in Clarence

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