The dry and warmer than usual December is a distant memory. 2024 is here and so is old man winter.

It's been a cold past few days and the snow has been a storyline over the past 48 hours in places such as Western and Central New York; along with downstate near New York City, who saw plenty of snow this week.

The unfortunate news is that the snow is far from done with New York, at least by the looks of it.

This weekend will usher in another storm system, which will likely produce more accumulating snow.

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WIVB reports that an inch or two is expected for Western New York by this Sunday, but greater totals will happen further downstate. It's part of a huge system that will bring rain and ice to other states as well.

If you live near New York City, expect quite a bit of snow from this system.

However, New York will likely see two more systems after this Sunday.

The second will arrive sometime on Tuesday and last into Wednesday, which will again have the chance of snow, rain and ice, depending on where you like.

Ryan Hall's channel also predicts another storm system that arrives around January 15th. That as well could bring heavy snow, but it's too early to tell it's exact path. It could be a lot of snow, little snow, ice, it all depends on where it tracks.

This is all part of a very active weather pattern that is here to stay for a while. The good news is that there are less people traveling, which means less people impacted by delayed and cancelled flights from these possible or likely storms.

Be safe driving this weekend and into next week.

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