We have dealt with lake effect snow every fall and winter for years. If you have lived in Western New York, then you know the power a lake effect snowstorm can bring.

The Buffalo Bills will host the Miami Dolphins tonight at Highmark Stadium in Orchard Park, where over a foot of snow will have fallen already, with another 4-6 inches expected during the game.

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The game means a lot to both teams. The Bills will most likely make the playoffs, although they have not technically clinched a playoff spot yet. However, Buffalo needs to win to control their own destiny for the number one seed in the AFC.

As for Miami, they hold the six seed in the AFC playoff race and will need a win to assure they stay in a playoff spot come Monday. They have lost two straight games.

The snow will cause havoc on usual game plans for both teams, who love to pass the ball. It could cause more run play calls and safer passes, if the weather allows.

We could also get thundersnow, which is something most people around the country have never experienced, or even have never heard of before.

Thundersnow can happen from time to time with a strong enough lake effect snow event in Western New York, which can cause loud thunder noises.

The Dolphins have extra gear to battle the cold and snow, including sewing in hand warmers into quarterback Tua Tagovailoa's jersey.

For Bills fans going to the game, give yourself plenty of time and the drive home is expected to be worse than driving in. Have a small shovel in your car, along with an emergency kit, water and extra layers.

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