Tim Hortons is a staple in the WNY area. Whether you're getting a double double or picking up lunch you probably stop at Tim Hortons at least once a week. Now Tim Hortons is trying to make that visit easier for you by introducing an app that not only let you pay but also let's you order. Restaurant Brands International, the parent company of both Tim Hortons and Burger King, is making the move to give the consumer even more control over the visit.

According to TheStar.com, the app is currently being tested in 25 Tim Horton's locations in Canada and 25 Burger King locations in Florida. If all goes well the app could be released at over 4,000 locations across Canada.

Tim Hortons currently has the TimmyMe app that lets users pay for their purchase using their smartphone. The app lets you load money and merge current gift cards to your account on the application.


What does this mean for WNY? It means that for the time being you're going have to cross the border and visit some of out friends in Ontario to use the app. No word as of now on if the company plans to release the app stateside.

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