There's a good chance that you've never seen a video like this before.  Mostly because it's never been done this way before.

Tim McGraw is breaking the mold on how lyric videos are done for his latest hit, "Neon Church."

The new video was shot in Montreal using a new technique called "hand painting."  Just watching it reminds me of when I was a kid around the 4th of July when the adults would bring out the "sparklers" around the fire.  We would wave them around and even write our names in the air.  The light that stayed after would form lines that you could still see a couple seconds after the sparkler went out.

That's kind of what they're doing here.  Give it a look yourself.


If you want to check out more like this, the video was directed by artist/photographer and one of the leaders in light painting in the world – Patrick Rochon


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