Where was this guy when I was 10?!

I remember countless Saturday mornings ruined by the fact that I had to chop and stack cords and cords of wood. Don't get me wrong, I thank my dad now for teaching me how to work like that, but there's a phrase that I love that says "work smarter, not harder."

This would be a good example of that.

A lot of time was wasted when I was a kid in the splitting process because, well, my aim was not good. I was 10! So a lot of time was taken up swinging the splitter, then bending over to pick up the piece that I just split and resetting the log. This little contraption takes away some of that time.

Granted, that is a pretty smooth log that the guy is splitting. It wouldn't work that easily with a knotty piece. But at least you wouldn't have to worry about resetting it every time!