Toby Keith continues his USO tour and his Facebook page has received thousands upon thousands of comments. Totally uplifting.  People recognized their loved ones in the photos from his shows for the troops; better yet… serviceman/woman recognizes themselves in a picture.   There was a mortar strike before a show this past weekend; Toby had to take cover in a bunker until it was safe to start the show.  Here are some facebook comments from servicemen and women who were there when the strike happened before the show. 

James Pyles Get to enjoy the fun of that on a daily basis! Thanks for being a proud supporter of my brothers and sisters and I!

Ashley Taylor I was there, thank you for still going on with the show. it was amazing how you brightened our night. Thank you for all the support to the military. and it was awesome to see you sport the Big Red One patch!

Teri Dreyer-Loescher My husband was in the crowd last night where you were. Thank you for giving them something to look forward to, what you experienced is their every day life pretty much...I'm glad that you are all ok. Thanks again for your support of the troops!

Charles Sams they tried but they couldn't stop you from rocking Baghdad last night. Thanks for the show and all that you do in support

Ryan Lerdall THE BEST OPENING # TO A CONCERT EVER! TK was walking across the stage to start the show, before he can get to the mic the IDF alarm sounds. After the all clear is given, TK stands and faces where the rockets impacted. Flips BOTH birdies and said "F U Guys!" He then starts the show without missing a beat! If I didn't already Bleed Crimson and Cream and was a HUGE TK fan... boy I would be now!