LoCash change what’s not broken for “I Know Somebody,” the follow-up to their Top 5 single “I Love This Life.” It’s another high-powered arrangement, but Chris Lucas takes lead during this love-at-first-sight jam.

The result is a more mellow three-plus minutes of country music that complements what fans have learned about the duo recently, but avoids burying a good thing too deep. The storyline is familiar, but LoCash are asking a girl to take their hand during “I Know Somebody,” instead of demanding it.

Billy Currington, Eli Young Band, Granger Smith and LoCash will take the stage for the 2016 WYRK Toyota Taste of Country, on sale now. 

A catchy chorus infuses “I Know Somebody” with a jolt of energy before the second verse brings the roller coaster ride back down for a moment. There are a few non-organic instruments to be found, but this is a band that’s long been comfortable stretching the definition of country music. Asking LoCash to rely on banjo and fiddle would be like asking George Strait to wear skinny jeans.

“I Know Somebody” is a radio-friendly love song that will play well at live shows. Look for it on the I Love This Life EP.

LoCash will join Billy Currington, Eli Young Band and Granger Smith at the WYRK Toyota Taste of Country in June 2016. Tickets are on sale NOW! Get yours before they are gone.

Listen to LoCash, “I Know Somebody”

LoCash, “I Know Somebody” Lyrics:

“Girl I've never seen you in this town / If you need somebody to show you around, well / I know somebody / It's a little too loud to talk in here / And your eyes are sayin' you wanna disappear, well / I know a place and I know somebody.”

“Somebody with a gassed up truck sittin' right outside / It's ready to roll if you're ready to ride / Sunroof open with the moonlit sky / Yeah, I know a guy / I know somebody that's lost all in your smile / That can love you like a song on the radio dial / If that's what you want tonight / I know somebody, and you're lookin' right in his eyes / I know somebody (I know somebody), I know somebody (I know somebody), I know somebody.”

“I’m lovin' the way you act so shy / Like you ain't sure, like you can't decide / But I heard you tell your friends that you know somebody / That makes you laugh, that can get you home / That might make you fall ‘fore the night is gone / So come on, you know I'm that somebody.”

“That's lookin' for a girl like you / Could fall in a kiss or two / Baby tell me what you wanna do / Cause I know …”