Do you remember your first concert?  Remember who it was or where?  Was it as magical as you imagined?  A little girl named Addy can say that hers was thanks to Luke Combs.

Concerts just have something about them that is at least a little magical.  When you look back at them it feels like you're a member of an exclusive club if you can say, "I was there for that" or "I remember when that happened."

Taste of Country Buffalo headliner made sure that at least one little girl will always remember her first show.  And he wanted to say thanks to her for making his show the one that she came to first.

While singing "She Got The Best of Me," Combs took off the hat that he was wearing and give it to a little girl named Addy that was at her very first concert.

He posted this video on instagram to say thanks to one of his newest fans...


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