You know that almost every day is National "something" day but today's day is my worst nightmare.

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You see, today is National Hug Day and I am SO NOT a hugger and it is all because of one incident.

About 13 years ago I was working in Myrtle Beach, SC at a radio station where we would regularly interview the marketing person from Hard Rock Cafe. (If you been to Myrtle Beach, it is the big pyramid at Broadway at the Beach)

You see this person was well-endowed for a woman and the one time she was leaving the studio, she went in for a hug and I went in for a handshake...the next 5 seconds were probably the longest and most awkward in my life.

I ended up with a handful know...and I have been a not hugger ever since!

So today, if you see me, a simple high five will do!
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