Twitter has been a must follow for fans of the NFL and from players sending messages to teams about contract issues to cryptic messages from players about other players, fans love interpreting what these messages mean.

The latest cryptic message from Tom Brady has Bills Mafia in a fever after it just included three names including the name of the Buffalo Bills' starting quarterback Josh Allen.

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It could be that Tom Brady was pointing out the highest-paid QBs in the league and showing how he always took a pay cut in New England to help the team win the Super Bowl.

As of this season, Aaron Rogers is currently the highest-paid QB in the NFL making around $26.47 million dollars.

Patrick Mahomes is currently 3rd on the list of highest-paid QBs in the NFL with Josh Allen currently 4th on the list. Deshaun Watson is number 2 on the list, but with his off-season issues, it could be the reason Tom Brady didn't mention him.

The Tweet could be just Tom Brady's wishlist for a foursome for his next golf outing. Those four would be interesting to watch on the links.

It could also be Tom Brady predicting the NFL championship games for this upcoming season. Brady could be saying that the NFC championship game would be Tampa Bay verse Green Bay and the AFC championship game is going to be Buffalo versus Kansas City.

It could also just be Tom Brady is just messing with people on Twitter and just wanted to cause some hype and give people something to talk about on a Monday.

**UPDATE** We now know that it the Tweet was about an up coming golf match featuring all four players. You can read more about that HERE.

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