The beaches are kept clean along Lake Erie, largely in part by volunteers. One of those volunteers is Sharen Trembath, who runs the Great Lakes Beach Sweep in Western New York.

Sometimes, there are interesting items found by the volunteers but one object turned out to be a tombstone, found on the beach in Evans, according to WKBW.

“I thought maybe it was a prop, or something else, but its 200 pounds,” said Trembath.

The tombstone belongs to Elmer M. Rudolph. He's a World War II veteran and passed away 50 years ago.

The odd part though is Rudolph was buried at Elmlawn Cemetery in Tonawanda.

“It could have been just in somebody's backyard, I don't know why, that's your best answer,” said Trembath. She says someone told her that there could have been an error on the tombstone and the block could have been used for fill in someone’s backyard.

Read the full story at WKBW.


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