I'm still convinced that Barstool Sports stole this from Buffalo Bills cornerback Josh Norman.

MONTHS ago, Josh Norman started the Buffalo Business Blitz in which he was asking for donations for businesses in Western New York and he wants to give them all a check at the beginning of 2021 to help them with all of the changes and lack of business from COVID-19. He's raised almost $100,000 and the guy has a heart of gold.

Barstool Sports recently has started something similar, but more on a national level.

Donations they receive for the Barstool Fund will be given to select small businesses across the United States on a monthly basis. Owner Dave Portnoy surprise calls each recipient and posts the video of their reaction and one of the places that will benefit is Squire's Tap Room in Tonawanda! Take a look at the video below that the Barstool Fund posted on Instagram.

Portnoy mentions Buffalo and says in the video: "these people aren't going out of business because they aren't successful, but because they have no other choice they've been dealt a hand that nobody could play." According to WGRZ, Squire's Tap Room will receive "$7,000 for a month's worth of employee wages."

If you want to look at some of the feel-good videos (it sure makes you feel great) you can take a look at them all here.

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