The most family fights do not occur between mom and dad.

The average family gets in about 300 fights a year, according to the Daily Mail. It's the rotten kids who you probably get in fights with most. Let's face it, we all got in TONS of fight with our parents when we were younger (heck, some of us still do). Let's go over the top 10 reasons that the feuds begin.

What's the #1 reason you get in family fights in your house?

  • 1

    1. Kids refusing to put down gadgets and actually have a conversation.

  • 2

    The TV being way too loud

  • 3

    Someone's never ready to go when you're supposed to leave.

  • 4

    Leaving the lights on.

  • 5

    Slaming doors in the house.

  • 6

    Dirty dishes left in random spots.

  • 7

    Kids not wanting to eat what you just took an hour to make.

  • 8

    Yelling in the house.

  • 9

    Being rude/disrespectful.

  • 10

    Fighting over who's fault it actually was or is.

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