If you're looking for a sweet Father's Day gift for your dad this weekend, we have you covered with great ideas

Our favorite idea? #1. You don't have to do a thing besides buy a lawn mower and Lakeshore Hardware and Tool Rental will have it delivered to your dad's house with a bow for you to give to him on that Sunday!

  • 1

    Get A Mower Delivered To Your House

    Lakeshore Hardware + Tool Rental will legit put a bow and surprise dad at his house this weekend for you! Plus, they'll throw in a trimmer or power washer, too!

  • 2


    Dad sometimes wants nothing, but just spending time with him (and not having to hear the wife yell at the kids for a day). Appreciate the time that you get to spend with dad when you can!

  • 3

    Apple Watch

    I mean, if your dad knows how to work one, of course.

  • 4


    Get dad an expensive bottle of whiskey. No dad will say no to that and it is something that he normally wouldn't spend extra money to get the good stuff.

  • 5

    MLB Game

    The idea is great, but it's not exactly the easiest from Buffalo. Plan a mini vacation for him and take him on an experience that the two of you will remember forever.

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