Last year he gave the entire internet more material than we should have from our tailgates at The Ralph. Honestly, though, at least we're pretty really good at something.

These will really give you some hope for the future of Buffalo fans, right?

All I know is that I should have invested in the folding table industry.

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    The Bills Tailgate Slam

    Down goes Captain America. Again, Buffalo Bills fans have never lost a tailgate. Well, maybe except for this guy.

    I'm pretty sure this guy went through two different tables this day.

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    Brady Dummy Fail

    I was there for this one to witness it first hand. If I videotaped for 45 minutes you would have seen the most ridiculous things done to this Tom Brady dummy.

    This is clearly the highlight....and the summary.

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    The 'Top Rope' RKO Guy

    The top-rope-effect by jumping off the tailgate of this truck is probably the best idea any tailgater has ever done this year. Honestly, I'm mad I can't rank this one better.

    I'd definitely buy this guy a beer.

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    The Pats Fan Slam

    This is the best thing I've ever seen. How on earth did these two guys convince a New England Patriots fan to let them slam him through a table? I didn't know that the Dudley Boyz have been in the parking lots lately...

    Now, only if we could beat the Patriots that'd be wonderful.

    You have to watch the Patriots Fan Slam here.

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    Dizzy Bat Dude

    Mr. Dizzy Bat man. The man who started it all this season. The head-shot heard 'round the world. He's been on national television for this stunt that he probably didn't even remember doing.

    Thanks for paving the way for the rest of the drunks, Dizzy Bat Man, thanks.

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