Most of us use grocery stores just about every week.  We all have our favorites, but which ones are the most popular in New York state?

What makes grocery stores great?

There are a bunch of things that might tip the scales in one store's favor or another.  For many people, the cost of the food comes first.  Can you fill your fridge and still have a little extra money to put some gas in the car for the week too?  Is it a lot cheaper up the road?

For others, it's the quality of the food.  Is it fresh?  Does it taste better than the store up the road?  Are you feeding your family with stuff that is going to be good for them?

Then some people love the service.  Do they offer extra things that some stores just don't?  Are the aisles bigger?  Do they have better carts?  Are the cashiers and department workers friendly and helpful?

There are a ton of factors that determine which stores are the favorites.

When it comes to locations, this is the most popular

If you are strictly looking at the number of locations, some stores stand out over others.  A lot of people would guess that Wegmans would be king in New York state.  But they've got about 111 locations in the US.  About 49 of them (depending on when you're reading this) are in New York.  According to a study by Scrapehero, the largest supermarkets in New York in 2023 based on the number of locations are Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Tops Friendly Markets.  Dollar General has a bunch more locations with 577.  Family Dollar has 307, and Tops Friendly Markets has 130.

When it comes to user comments, this is the most popular

When you ask people what they think about the stores that they go to, the stores that show up the most are (in order):

1. Wegmans

2. Aldi

3. Price Chopper

4. Trader Joe's

5. Tops Friendly Markets

Do you agree?  Which is your favorite grocery store?


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