Blake Shelton, was was #1 on the Top 5 Most Influential Country Stars List last year, drops a couple spots this year to #3.

If you asked any fan of music, whether they like country music or not, who they would most love to have a beer with, there's a good chance it'd be Blake Shelton. If you'd ask them who they'd like to live next door to, it's also probably be Blake Shelton. If you asked them who their favorite country artist might be, odds are good that they might just say Blake Shelton. He could say jump, and all 5.53 million of his Twitter followers would jump. (Besides Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift, Blake has the most Twitter followers of any country artist.)

How are they so influenced by Blake Shelton? He's the biggest personality in country music right now. His wit, creativity, smart-ass remarks and music would be a good place to start. The guy is near the top of the world, and nobody can knock him down right now. Perhaps the most successful 'Voice' coach in terms of wins on the show, he currently has 10 number one singles in row right now, more than any other artist, and continues his reign as CMA Male Vocalist of the Year for the fourth year in a row.

A survey was done leading up to this year's Grammys, and Blake is among the most influential of the nominees, along with Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. Interestingly enough, Blake is also considered to be a top trendsetter.