She bumped down a spot on the list from 2013, but her list of accolades and accomplishments only went up. More importantly, the reasons why she is influential in country music have only grown deeper since last year.

For starters, she's getting her own exhibit in 2014 at the Country Music Hall of Fame and is one of only two on this list who have accomplished that honor. But, besides that, she is one that couldn't be bumped off the list because of her contribution of just being a good person and doing good in the community in 2013. I say it all the time, anyone can donate their money, but it takes someone real special to donate their time...and those are the people that make a difference.

Billboard Top 50, she's tied with Reba for the most CMA Female Vocalist Awards ever, she's getting ready to debut her fifth album,
Platinum, and she's the only female headlining act for the Country Megaticket this year.

She's the girl right now every aspiring female act looks up to, and for that alone, she will not be bumped off this list for a long time.