Being stuck at home is not the best thing in the world and sometimes you just need to get outside for some fresh air and sunshine.

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With COVID-19 spreading across the area, people are being asked to use proper social distancing if they plan on going outside.

While you are encouraged to stay home to flatten the curve, you can still go for walks, bike rides, and hikes as long as you keep at least 6feet away from other people.

Check out our Top 5 places to Social Distance and get some fresh air.

1. Darien Lakes State Park - Did you even know that there is a state park near Darien Lake Theme Park? Most people assume there is only a theme park..but there is more! There is a state park with trails that take you around Harlow Lake and more!

2. Heritage Trails in Lancaster, - This is an asphalt trail and covers around 4 miles with several drop-off/drop-in points

3. Nature View Park in Amherst, - This is a 1254-acre park that includes forests, fields, creeks & trails.

4. Major's Park In East Aurora - This park offers nice easy hiking trails, plus there is a boardwalk. You can also fish in the creek.

5. Unity Island Park in Buffalo - A great place to see the shorelines of both the US and Canada. There is also a long walking/running trail.


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